Preliminary Round

Policy Recommendation Essay

The Policy Recommendation Essay is the preliminary stage of IEO'21 Competition. In this stage, each team will make a policy recommendation essay based on one of the subthemes of IEO'21. The Policy Recommendation Essay submission is divided into 2 phases:

Phase I

Registration Fee: IDR 100,000

September 21st – October 18th

Phase II

Registration Fee: IDR 150,000

October 19th  – November 30th

  • We only differentiate these 2 phases on their registration fees only. The submission phase would not impact the scoring of your essay.
  • We would only open the Phase II if there are not enough amount of eligible teams on the Phase I.

8 selected teams that are eligible to advance towards the next round would then be announced on:

Finalists Announcement

January 17th, 2021

Registration fee can be paid to:

Bank Mandiri (KK UI Depok) 157-00-0443705-0on behalf of Indonesia Economic Outlook Ovo / Gopay / Dana 085811948660on behalf of Novita Furia Putri Jenius / BTPN 90260053502 ($ieofebui)on behalf of Novita Furia Putri

  1. Active students (D3 and S1 or equivalent).
  2. Students are Indonesian Citizens (WNI) or Foreign Citizens (WNA), who come from universities throughout Indonesia.
  3. Each team consists of two active students from any major. Your teammate could come from different major, department or faculty, but should come from the same university.
  4. Each individual is only registered in one team and cannot be represented by another person.
  5. Each team is only allowed to submit 1 essay.
  6. Participants are required to fill out a registration form and submit the appropriate files.
  7. Registration is carried out using the team name agreed upon by the two members.
  8. The name of the team is not allowed to contain the name of the university or institution.
  9. Participants are allowed to be guided and ask for directions from parties who are considered capable of guiding them, but the essay must still be the original work of the participant.
  10. In participating in this series of competitions, participants are prohibited from including the symbol of the college from which the participant came from, both in the essay and in the final stage.
  1. The essay is written using standardized Indonesian language and in accordance with the rules of the General Guidelines for Indonesian Spelling (Pedoman Umum Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia / PUEBI).
  2. The essay is an original work, not the result of plagiarism, and has never been used or published in any media or for other competitive activities.
  3. The team must include the sources of quotations, data, and illustrations used in the essay, both in the form of bibliography and footnotes.
  4. The essay must be typed in Times New Roman font size 12, with line spacing of 1.5 lines.
  5. A4 paper size.
  6. The right, top, bottom margins are 3 cm, and the left margins are 4 cm.
  7. Portrait page orientation.
  8. Justified paragraph aligmnent.
  9. The essay must contain a discussion of the conditions of the national economy; future prospects for the Indonesian economy; policy recommendations that can be applied, are not closed to discussing the microeconomic aspects of supporting data; and conclusions or solutions.
  10. The data used must be data that may be disclosed to the public and not private internal institutional data.
  11. The maximum number of essay pages is 20 pages, including attachment cover, and bibliography.
  12. Details of the essay format can be seen in the dummy essay on the IEO’21 official website.
  13. The format of the essay sent to the committee must comply with the requirements. Errors in following the provisions given can affect the assessment of the essay.
  14. Nature and Content of the essay writings:
    • Logical and Systematic
    • Objective
    • Original
  15. Participants who submit IEO’21 essays must pay registration fee of IDR 100,000.00 (for Phase I: 21 September-18 October 2020), or IDR 150,000.00 (for Phase II: 19 October-22 November 2020).
  16. Registration fees can be paid to:
    • Bank Mandiri (KK UI Depok) 157-00-0443705-0
      on behalf of Indonesia Economic Outlook
    • Ovo / Gopay / Dana 085811948660
      on behalf of Novita Furia Putri
    • Jenius / BTPN 90260053502 ($ieofebui)
      on behalf of Novita Furia Putri
  17. If participants register after the deadline of the first phase, then registration can be done in the second phase.
  18. Essays are submitted through the official IEO’21 website with follow the file name format as follows:IEO Essay Competition 2021 (team name_member 1 name _member 2 name_university / institution_subtheme
    [real / monetary / fiscal]_gelombang [1/2])Example:
    IEO Essay Competition 2021 (Compete_Nanda Wahyu_Gabriella Permata_Universitas Indonesia_Moneter_gelombang 1).
  19. In submitting the essays, participants are also required to attach the statement of authorship (signed) in the pdf format, scans or clear photos from the Student ID Card, proof of payment transfer, and a 3×4 size photo.
  20. The essay submitted by the participants belongs to the IEO committee and IEO has the right to publish it.
  21. Eight participants with the best essays will qualify for the final stage.

Criteria (% Score)

  • Analysis, including policy recommendations (30%)
  • Idea, innovation, originality (25%)
  • Data completeness, data relevance, theoretical basis, and
    argumentation skills: relating the problem to
    theory, accompanied by the availability of relevant data.
    and strong arguments (25%)
  • Writing systematics & grammar (15%)
  • Use and inclusion of sources and references (5%)

Registration & Submission

1. Register your team

Fill in the details about your team & pay the registration fee.

Go to Registration

2. Submit The Essay

Submit your registered team's essay.

Go to Submission

Get the IEO'21 Competition Guide Book

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Read the IEO'21 Policy Recommendation Essay Example

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