One of this year's most talked-about issues is the emergence of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak that endangers all countries in the world including Indonesia. The emergence of COVID-19 outbreak and the massive spread of the virus had a disruptive impact on all economic aspects. Therefore, IEO '21 will discuss precisely how Indonesia accelerates growth and achieves economic transformation after COVID-19 pandemics.

To produce comprehensive evaluations and recommendations as outputs, IEO '21 will bring a series of events which consists of IEO Forum, IEO National Seminar, IEO Kaleidoscope, IEO Essay Policy Recommendation, and IEO Report.

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Review & Projection

Looking back on Indonesia's economy in the current year (2020) and
projecting the Indonesia's economy in the upcoming year (2021)

Policy Recommendation

Generating outputs which are intended to become policy recommendations
for the government obtained from competition, discussion, forum, and


Becoming a publication platform for Kajian Ekonomi dan Pembangunan
Indonesia (KANOPI) FEB Ul as the Economics students association at FEB Ul.

Opportunities & Challenges

Projecting the opportunities and challenges of the national and global economy in 2021